Incorporating RGBW LED technology into floodlights, the new FilmGear RGB Max series will further expand the potential of RGB lighting in film. Coming Q1 of 2022, this Goliath of LED is already available for preorders.

This isn’t FilmGear’s first time dealing with PAR64-style floodlights, with their original Tungsten Maxibrute, incorporating individually strikable heads, having already been around the block a few times. Historically, these lights would’ve first seen a bi-color LED upgrade before making the upgrade to RGB. However, with Film Gear's recent engineering feats through the Helios RGB space light, the Maxibrute can make the leap into RGB as soon as next year!

The 4, 6, 9 or 12 lampheads of the RGB Max all come equipped with 23º lenses, doubling the throw of bi-color heads and giving you a punch deserving of the brute title. While the old Maxibrute would allow for some control of exposure via switching individual banks on or off, the new RGB Max allows you to control each individual lamphead’s intensity from 0-100%, with 5 preset dimming curves to further fine tune your light’s output. Taking it a step further, with a color temperature range of 2700K-10,000K, you can individually choose which lampheads you want in tungsten and which you want in daylight. All this control and we haven’t even gotten into RGB yet.

The RGB Max comes in:

- 700C (4 lamp heads)
- 1100C (6 lamp heads)
- 1600C (9 lamp heads)
- 2200C (12 lamp heads)

Just like the Helios, the RGBW chips earned a CRI and TLCI >95. In CCT mode, the user can add and subtract green/magenta to get the most out of their greenscreen. Of course, to get the most RGB utility and get the exact color you're looking for, you can fine-tune the RGB spectrum through the HSI mode. Or, if you like the results of traditional gels, GEL mode comes preset with over 200 Lee and Rosco equivalent filters. Gelling lights, especially lights as powerful as a Maxibrute, can be a hassle and sometimes even a fire hazard. If flames are what you’re looking for, the RGB Max comes with 17 preset patterns in Scene mode, mimicking everything from flickering flames to police sirens to flashing lights. Save time setting up gels with just a couple clicks in HSI or Gel mode and spend more time focusing on telling your story.

With the RGB Max series, users can expect the most advanced onboard control panel yet. With as many features as the RGB Max has to offer, new users will appreciate the efficient and intuitive navigation menu to get to the exact setting they want. Studios and crews experienced with globed lights can smoothly transition from PAR64 floodlights, with no need to sacrifice quality in lighting designs. The RGB Max is built to fit into the modern set, with no need to adjust technique or set-up. While simple in integration, the RGB Max is extremely versatile in application. Additional patterns and scenes can be programmed directly into the menu to suit your creative ambitions. In terms of connectivity, the RGB Max is equipped with every control option in the book, including: DMX/RDM, Ethernet, USB, and built-in wireless DMX and Bluetooth by LumenRadio, allowing for full control of the fixture from the comfort of your console.

For more information please visit: www.FilmGearUSA.com

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