The legendary Hawk brand was born of the belief that anamorphic motion picture lenses offered unrealized potential. At a time when anamorphic was generally considered a legacy format, Hawk’s design team went back to the drawing board, taking a fresh, can-do approach to optic design and mechanics. Optical traits like focus fall off, curvature, flare, breathing or limited close focus – previously thought of as impediments to shooting anamorphic – were carefully reduced or corrected. An open-minded and logical design attitude towards every aspect down to the footage markings, combined with precision manufacturing and the highest quality materials, led to success. Hawk V-Lite Anamorphics set an industry standard and are still in widespread demand years later.

Since the introduction of the V-Lites, the Hawk brand has expanded to include 14 other full sets of lenses, each with particular strengths and applications, including 16?mm and 65?mm formats, varying squeeze factors, vintage coatings, and even spherical primes capable of shooting at T1. In each case, the Hawk commitment to superb quality in a compact, durable package is clear.

Today the Hawk brand is known around the world, and is highly sought after by directors of photography.

Due to their unique construction, the MiniHawks solve problems associated with anamorphic lenses while preserving classic anamorphic characteristics. They offer super-close focus – almost like macro lenses – with no breathing while focusing. MiniHawks are geometrically well-corrected, yet still preserve classic anamorphic characteristics such as elliptical bokeh and shallow depth of field, resulting in an organic cinematic feel.

The Hawk65 anamorphic lenses offer a truly unique aesthetic. They combine an unparalleled high-quality anamorphic look with the right balance of clean image rendition and organic texture. The 1.3x anamorphic squeeze elevates large format sensors to their highest level. New coating technology with soft, natural contrast creates amazing skin tones and makes Hawk65 lenses the perfect companion for digital sensors.

For more information please visit: www.HawkAnamorphic.com

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