Created for a film festival at Lake Champlain, The "72 Hour Film Project" Competition was an opportunity for me to show off my skills as a videographer. The film Won 1st place against 12 other participants for it's creativity and overall ability to tell a story with the required material. Participants had to not only create a short film, but a short film that had to incorporate three random items; a Toothbrush, a cook/cooking and a voice line "sometimes things don't go as planned". Not only did this short film have these things, but did it in a fluent and artistic way.


Brendan Kossmann-Cinematographer, Editor, Script Writer, director, audio editor.

Frank Filippazzo-Script writer, Actor, co-videographer, co-director.

Technical Info

Shot and filmed on a Samsung Galaxy S8, Edited on a Macbook Pro 13, Using Adobe Premiere pro