I wrote and recorded this orchestral composition in 2014 to express my love of sailing and all things adventurous, especially if it’s near water. Having grown up in Minnesota, sailing was a great way to spend the day with friends. My eldest granddaughter has expressed an interest in learning how to sail; and I look forward to our time sailing together.

About This Composition

Whales, wind in our sails, and waves crashing on our hull, “Of Wind and Waves” tells a story about life at sea. The orchestra begins with an early-morning encounter with a pod of whales while the boat is at anchor, then later sets sail for the high seas. While on course, the ship and its crew collide with a violent storm. The storm eventually subsides and life returns to normal under full sail as the journey continues.

As with Robert W. Smith's composition “Songs of Sailor and Sea,” the whale sound is performed on the timpani. This is accomplished by moistening the thumb and then rubbing it from the edge to the center of the drumhead.

A special thanks to www.pexels.com members for their wonderful photo & video resources. If you are a film composer looking for video to score, I highly recommend visiting this website.

Technical Info

Composed in Cubase Pro and Dorico Pro using professional grade orchestra sample libraries such as Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Pro, Cinesamples, and Project SAM.