-The sequence starts with a short animation created to introduce the showcase of trailers for three films I produced at Tisch/NYU. Ths segment was created to live as Pre-Roll to a digital screening of my 2020 film.


The Introduction animation, trailers and titles sequence and Opening were presented in the order monthly as part of a 5-episode series of live conversations self-produced on the Eventive platform (https://ideologies.eventive.org).
-Intro Animation (created in After Effects by A.Pacheco) 30 seconds
-Trailer for Buck Fever (written and directed by Caleb Seth Czuszak) 90 seconds
-Trailer for Heaven is a Rocket Ship (written and directed by Samuel León) 60 seconds
-Trailer for Parked in America (filmed for television and created by Kayla Yumi Lewis) 1 min 45 seconds
The Ideologies & The Promise Experience, Episode 3
-Intro Animation (assembled in Premiere Pro by A. Pacheco, music (overture to the film composed by S. Pamaar & remixed by DJ Randy Bettis) 1 min
-Episode 103 Part 1 (with host Jason Prah, Composer S. Pamaar and Psychoanalyst D. Schriar) 8 min
-Episode 3 Conclusion (with J. Prah, S. Pamaar, D. Schriar and director A. Pacheco) 8 min
Conceived, Edited and Produced by Alexandro Pacheco
The Gilman Foundation logo is used with permission.

Technical Info

Edited in Premiere Pro
Producer Reel Graphics created in After Effects
Production by Alexandro Pacheco, APWorldFilms dba APWorldNY LLC

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Mark Morris Career Reel (2015)
Mark Morris Career Reel (2015)
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