This is my letter to a soul I loved with my whole heart, but never met - and is about the journey of love, loss, and what you choose to remember.

Original score and choreography crafted around my poem "The Glass Wall."


Writer / Director: Karl Stelter
Producers: Karl Stelter, Visual Medium

Ariana Daub as "Bee"
Natalie Ischovich as "Mom"
Micah Moch as "Dad"

Arian Russell

Beach Unit
Cinematographer: Luc Delamare
Production Assistants: Stephen Snavely, Chris Russell, Lenneal McKudu

Black Void Unit
Cinematographer: Nathaniel Regier
Key Grip: Pedro Bringas
Gaffer: Seth Fuller
GE Swing: Nick Sandoval
Production Stills: JJ House

Editor: Karl Stelter
Composer: Christy Marshall
Color: Luc Delamare
Mastering: Steve Shebby
Live Players: Simone Vitucci (Cello), Brandon Encinas (Viola), Nicole Garcia (Violin)
Sound Design: Ridgeline Sound
VFX Supervisor: Eduard Karamshuk
Compositing Artists: Dmytro Shykylov, Kirill Potras

Special Thanks
My wife Rachel Stelter for trusting and believing in me to tell this story.