An interview from the 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas with Brendan Bellomo of InviziPro. Moving pictures have always attracted some of the world’s most innovative minds. InviziPro is leading the charge in film tech for the next generation of storytellers, as well as established filmmakers who are forever evolving their craft.

InviziTrak - is a state-of-the-art hardware that makes green screen tracking markers invisible, speeding up workflows for cinematographers, producers, and VFX studios. Used on major streaming feature films. Directors, Cinematographers, and Visual Effects Supervisors should be empowered to focus on pushing the limits of visual storytelling, not inefficient green-screen setups. InviziTrak technology represents a quantum leap in tracking live-action footage by completely eliminating the need for outdated tracking markers.

InviziTrak captures the tracking data in between the frames. The result?…

For each shot captured, you get TWO pieces of footage - one CLEAN and one with COMPLETE TRACKING DATA. This eliminates the need for post houses to remove tracking markers altogether, saving production money and allowing post-production to take on more work, faster. Additionally, on-set monitors always remain marker-free.

InviziGrain, is a film emulation plugin for Resolve that recreates digital footage out of real grains, creating the most authentic film look out there. Now used by top-tier colorists on feature film projects.

InviziGrain rebuilds every frame of your footage out of grains. This gives an organic movement to your footage, where even a still frame has life to it. Furthermore, InviziGrain simulates film’s unique contrast (in particular from its developer chemicals), called acutance, as well as how celluloid layers scatter light, which gives your footage creamy skin tones and high contrast at the same time.

For more information please visit: www.InviziPro.com

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