Cinema Devices was born out of a desire to be leaders in innovative production equipment. Their unique gear is made with a simple philosophy in mind, to bring a level of production value to any shoot in any situation. Be it a documentary that requires travel to difficult locations or in a studio, Cinema Device's versatile technology allows productions to achieve shots that would otherwise require larger equipment and time consuming setups, as well as produce shots that couldn't be achieved any other way.

Introduced in Spring 2021, the ZeeGee combines the look and feel of handheld with the boom range of a steadicam arm. The new tool also eliminates footsteps from your shot and distributes the camera weight across your body.

The ZeeGee is an innovative three axis zero gravity head specifically for the handheld look. It provides freedom of movement in the pan, tilt, and unlike similar products, the roll axis, replicating the look and feel of handheld operation combined with the stability, boom range, and weight displacement of the Steadicam arm. This combination offers operators, DP's and directors a unique look that's unmistakably handheld without the shake, limited range, and operator fatigue that comes with standard handheld operation, especially when doing multiple takes.

For more information please visit: www.CinemaDevices.com

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