We had a blast creating these “Maker” videos over at the Kirkland Arts Center. These folks make some fun and interesting items and it was cool to see their process. See them all at lnkd.in


Featuring - Stan Banks
Director - Chris Cumming
Creative Manager - Dennis Claus
Art Director - McKayla Falecki
Head Product Design - Chelsie Brazier
Stills - Greg Sweney
Photo Assist - jason cohoon
DP - Dylan Priest
1st AC - Ryan Enkema
Camera Ops - Alisa tyrrill
Sound - Max Futterman
Digitech - Josh Burke
Gaffer - Dennis Hollyfield
Grip - Trevor Payne
Wardrobe Stylist - Hilary Folks
HMU - Cara Aeschliman
HMU assist - Devin Brooks
Set Design - Doug Clark
Set Assist - Shefskie S
Producer - Allison Reimer
Edit and Music - Chris Cunningham
Location Manager - Kristy Wylie
Covid Safety Officer - John Hoffman
PA - Devante Smith
PA - Shann Thomas