SUMOLIGHT is a growing, global manufacturer and provider of lighting production equipment and engineering support made in Germany. Specializing in lighting for film and broadcasting, SUMOLIGHT was founded in 2011, with the SUMO100+, followed by the original award-winning SUMOSPACE in 2015, the popular SUMOSPACE+ in 2020 and the new category defining SUMOSKY display and lighting system to integrate into mixed reality studio environments. The new full-color modular SUMOMAX being introduced in 2022 will be the company’s statement on powerful interactive lighting. Building on the requests of end-users– from rigging, to control, to output, to movement, to color — SUMOLIGHT has continued to answer their needs. In high demand, SUMOLIGHT LED fixtures are chosen by gaffers, DoP’s, and more for production across the globe. SUMOLIGHT has facilities in Berlin, Los Angeles and now, London.

The new SUMOSKY is a quickly riggable, slim, backlit, multicoloured and versatile system that goes from neutral grey to green, blue or any other colour. Recreating skylights, night lights, sunsets or sky domes for stages is suddenly simple. When combined with harder sources, lighting effects are possible if doing process work in vehicles or fast-paced VFX work.

It’s a cheaper, simpler alternative to the full-immersion video wall. It also works with traditional translight backdrops to enhance light or colour changes, as well as Rosco Projection Screens and SoftDrops™. The SUMOSKY simply rolls out of a compact hard rolling case and can be hung in minutes with a very easy setup, allowing you to create your own desired large-scale digital canvas, backdrop, greenscreen or bluescreen.

Specifications include:
• Easily stackable to over 100m (300’) length and expandable to 15m (40’) height
• Self-retracting function
• Pixel mapping down to a resolution of 10 by 10cm (3.9 by 3.9inch)
• Full spectrum effective 16 bit per channel, 80 bit per pixel
• No banding
• Smooth background for keying free of artifacts
• Instant blue and green screen
• Easy to use external control via Art-Net or SUMOSKY control software
• No need to address every single fixture like it was necessary in traditional solutions
• Image and video sources
• Individual SkyBars available

For more information please visit: www.SUMOLIGHT.com

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