On Set Headsets are made of military-grade specs so that they can take on whatever the SPFX department throws at them. Whether it’s inside or outside the studio environment, their products remain durable.

On Set Headsets manufactures high quality walkie-talkie headsets, and is the brand most trusted by film crews and security. Built strong, durable and rugged in order to withstand any environment the special effects department throws your way. Immediately you will notice the difference in their solid internal components that won’t leave you ill-equipped on the job. There’s nothing worse than having a 4am call, and notice at last minute that your cheap headset doesn’t work, and you have to scramble for a new one. Their FilmPro Headset is a durable and rugged Motorola radio earpiece known for its dependability, clear sound, and intelligibility and built to withstand: Cold weather down to -14 degrees; Rain towers; Fog machines; Explosions; Desert, snow, humid, wet, and dry climates. Crisp and clear sound & intelligibility. Professional, discrete, and comfortable.

For more information please visit: www.OnSetHeadsets.com

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