It is the camera that separates cinema from other art forms and the lens that allows a scene to be captured by the camera. The cinema lens, therefore, is at the heart of filmmaking. All aspects of a production are carefully crafted with the intention of being captured by the lens and camera to create a visual story. The Cine Lens Manual is a comprehensive examination of the art and science of cinema optics. Written in clear, easily-digestible language, and extensively illustrated, The Cine Lens Manual is designed for readers of all levels of experience from novice to expert. With more than 60-years of experience between them as cinematographers, technical journalists and educators, authors Holben and Probst break down the most complex concepts into easy-to-understand ideas, without requiring a mastery of calculus or physics. This manual is not just for cinematographers, but for all individuals with an interest in the lens — directors, visual effects artists, camera assistants, animators, technical journalists, historians, students, rental house technicians — anyone looking for a deeper understanding of cinema optics. It is unlike anything else that has ever been written on the subject.

For more information please visit: www.CineLensManual.com

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