Core SWX introduces the new Powerbase EDGE battery pack as a follow up to the highly successful Powerbase 70, meanwhile 30% smaller and more feature packed.

The Powerbase EDGE will be the new 49Wh (14.8vdc, 3.3Ah ) go-to small-form battery pack for the Cine and DSLR market given the versatility with the two mounting options - One being a V-Mount to mount on cine cameras such as a RED Digital Cinema or a Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini, as well as the 1/4-20 screw to attach underneath a DSLR camera such as a Sony a7 or Panasonic GH5.

In addition, the EDGE has 2 USB ports and 2 Powertaps, one of which is a Core SWX Smartap. The smart tap functions as a standard powertap, but transmits battery information, allowing future integration with 3rd party manufacturers' equipment.

Another feature new with the Powerbase EDGE is a built-in runtime LCD, to deliver exact remaining battery runtime down to the minute. The LCD also has a button activated back-light to be view-able in any environment. As with it's predecessor, the Edge has a quick release plate to attach underneath the camera, or quickly attach/detach to a rig or camera cage.

To make sure not one camera goes without the option of longer runtimes with the Powerbase EDGE, there are multiple versions available from Sony L-Series, to Canon LP-E6, and more.

The Powerbase Edge Lite (PBE-LITE) is the ideal pack for those already invested in the Powerbase system or those that don’t utilize the v-mount connection and just want a “base” pack.

Similar to the original Edge, the Edge Lite has nearly all the features including two p-taps, two USB ports, 4-stage LED gauge and 49wh capacity of the original Powerbase Edge minus a runtime LCD and the aforementioned V-mount connection.

For more information please visit: coreswx.com

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