An interview from the 2022 Cine Gear Atlanta Show with Craig Brink of RatPac Controls. Established in Los Angeles in 2011 with locations nation-wide, RatPac Controls designs, manufactures, sells, and rents power and data distribution equipment for lighting in the Motion Picture, Television, and Broadcast Media industries.

In this interview RatPac Controls, unveils the all new PDB Link, the first in the LINK System line of modular data and power distribution products. The new PDB LINK introduces, a generous 8 multifunctional screen, intuitive control, updated firmware, and up to 6 universes of data in the “node” mode, with a user-friendly interface. Some of the upcoming LINK System devices will range from nodes and switches to clamps and accessories that mechanically snap together, tool-free, eliminating complicated rigging methods. Designed from the ground up especially to accommodate the evolving needs of motion picture, broadcasting and live entertainment, the versatile LINK System is engineered to snap together like lego blocks to accommodate any applications. Whether the need is basic power and data or a mission critical complex network, LINK System is customizable for a project’s unique requirements.

The PDB LINK box offers advantages of the legacy PDB10 Dual Universe product while adding greater ease and functionality from years of field-feedback and today’s advanced engineering and sophisticated components. The practical and rugged hardware is purpose-built for life on set with streamlined operating functionality.

PDB LINK features six hot or switchable 2.4kW/20A duplexes (12 AC Edison channels of switchable power total) in one easy-to-transport box. It includes a 12-port isolated DMX node that can also function as dual 6-port DMX opto-splitters, as well as an integrated 4-port unmanaged 1-gigabit Ethernet switch with POE+, and six 20 Amp resettable breakers. POE+ provides 80 Watts total across all four ports (30 Watts max per port). Total maximum output is 100 Amps across all channels. Ready to support DMX or Ethernet-based protocols, it features input connectors on one side, allowing the use of similar length Bates and data cables to minimize accidental unplugging. It also includes a Bates pass-through port, quiet heat dissipation, two rugged D-ring anchor points, two 3/8”-16 threaded holes, a built-in 45-minute battery, a wide array of power outputs, two hot AC Edison and one PowerCon True1, one 5V/1A USB-A Firmware port and two 5V/3A USB-C ports.

Among its assets, the box can intelligently display incoming data status and can assign a color code to each universe it is outputting. For both “PDB” and “Node” modes, when set to “Status,” the box gives a stoplight-style data indication. Other settings available include Query Options, DMX Frequency, DMX Persistence Setting, 512 Decimal and 512% setting.

RatPac Controls is planning to add the Sombrero Link to the System next year. Designed to add flexibility for rigging gaffers, Sombrero Link will enable a network switch or DMX node to be integrated into the LINK System. This 1U rack-mountable shell, offers a front and back opening, so equipment ports are readily accessible yet safely housed. With Sombrero Link, user’s gear may be easily and securely rigged to other LINK System products such as PDB LINK.

For more information please visit: ratpaccontrols.com

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