An interview from the 2022 Cine Gear Atlanta Expo with Paul Healy of Sony Electronics. Since its launch last year, the VENICE 2 has generated unprecedented interest within the global cinematography community, establishing itself as a versatile cinematic solution created by and for the cinematographer. Equipped with an impressive new 8.6K full-frame image sensor, the VENICE 2 system can capture stunning visuals in any format, including full-frame, Super35 and Anamorphic – all at the 4K+ resolution now required by many streamers and studios. Director and cinematographer Gonzalo Amat ASC tested the VENICE 2 around New York City in November and will use it on the upcoming season of the Netflix series “Outer Banks.”

He says: "VENICE 2 has the new full-frame 8.6K image sensor and the Dual Base ISO feature, which is really important and can now move between 800 ASA and 3200. The quality of the sensor is first rate. The latitude, colors, and highlights—everything was even sharper than before while still using a menu similar to what I was used to. You can shoot on a very bright, sunny day without losing detail, plus the rendition of the color and skin tone of faces is really quite cinematic. It doesn't feel electronic—it feels more like a film camera."

In addition to its use on high-end commercials before its official release, the VENICE 2 is already being used on feature films and episodic work with cinematographers Claudio Miranda ASC, Gonzalo Amat ASC, Rob McLachlan ASC, CSC, and Salvatore Totino ASC.

Sony Electronics also recently announced new updates and developments for the VENICE 2 motion picture camera system, including the release of the VENICE Extension System 2 for expanded flexibility and version 2.00 firmware update.

"The VENICE 2 was born from the voice and feedback of the cinema community," said Theresa Alesso, President of Imaging Products and Solutions Americas, Sony Electronics Inc. "Thanks to the continued feedback of our customers, we have been able to fuel the ongoing development of this powerful full-frame cinema camera with the mission to enable more creative freedom."

VENICE Extension System 2

The VENICE Extension System 2 is an updated version of the original VENICE Extension System and was showcased for the first time at IBC 2022 in Amsterdam. The Extension System 2 is a tethered extension system that allows the camera body to detach from the actual image sensor block with no degradation in image quality. 

The VENICE Extension System 2 adds important enhancements over the original, including compatibility with both the VENICE and the VENICE 2 and can transmit wide bandwidth sensor data over longer distances. In addition, the Extension System 2 offers greater mobility and compatibility with either a 3-meter or a 12-meter cable – without the need for a repeater.

Thanks to its small size and light weight, filmmakers have greater creative freedom with the ability to shoot in tight spaces, go handheld or mount the Extension System 2 on gimbals and cranes. 

"The original VENICE Rialto System has been such a great resource to give me added flexibility for feature films. On Top Gun: Maverick, the small form factor of three VENICE Extension System, paired with three cameras, allowed us to place 6 VENICE cameras, in the cockpit of an F-18 fighter jet to capture the excitement of flying in-camera. The extension system has given me the flexibility to be as creative as I want to be,” said Oscar award-winning cinematographer Claudio Miranda ASC. 

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