An interview from the 2022 Cine Gear Atlanta Expo with Jon Walsh of Core SWX. Core SWX, LLC. is the market leader in batteries and charging solutions for the digital cinema and the professional video industries, along with emerging markets such as drones and virtual reality.

The New Helix Max Series is now the most complete on-board battery system ever offered to the cinematic industry. The system encompasses all the features of Hypercore NEO, with the added function of dual 14v/28v* simultaneous voltage output, now with an even more robust maximum output of 20A(10A at 28.8v HV).

Leveraging a proprietary, patented technology, Helix is ultra-efficient, providing nearly lossless power transmission at a 99% efficiency rate to high voltage operating equipment. Helix’s unique design allows it to output up to 33.6v, within the top range of high voltage acceptance, thus drawing less current, creating less heat and extending both operational runtime and product longevity.

The Helix Max batteries are available in 98wh and 147wh capacities in all three mount styles - B-mount, V-mount, 3-Stud.

Interested in powering the new ARRI Alexa 35 with v-mount or 3-stud battery packs? If so, these new direct connect plates are for you. All you have to do is unscrew the B-mount plate off the camera and screw on either the HLX-BABV-S35 (v-mount) or HLX-BABG-S35 (3-stud) then attach a Helix Max v-mount or 3-stud battery pack and you're good to go. With this method, you can use the same battery mount style for all of your equipment including your current chargers because the Helix Max batteries are dual voltage and therefore able to operate as a standard 14v pack or in high voltage when coupled with a Helix plate.

As B-mount packs begin to become a mainstay in the cinema industry, the new MACH-Q4MBi answers the need for a B-mount diagnostic battery charger. The new MACH-Q4MBi offers 4A rapid, simultaneous charging along with Adaptive Charge Control (ACC), Core’s proprietary charge protocol which can evaluate battery health during each pack’s charging cycle. Additional features include a standalone discharge function along with offering Core’s patented VoltBridge wireless monitoring platform.

“Core was one of the first to ship B-mount packs in large quantities, and immediately thereafter hire companies, along with production companies asked for a diagnostic charger,” explains Ross Kanarek, CEO. “Our Mach4 Micro series chargers are becoming a staple in the industry for V and G Mount battery charging and diagnostics, so adding a B-mount compatible model is a natural addition.”

Core’s new ACC algorithms can improve battery longevity and performance up to 30% over the life of the pack. It evaluates the battery pack based on age, cycle count, learned capacity as well as last full charge capacity, to determine the appropriate charge routine for the pack. While in charge mode, the charger continually monitors the pack for feedback during the charge process to adjust as needed. This process insures top performing packs are charged as fast as possible, while older packs are charged efficiently while accounting for changes in cell performance overtime to minimize degradation and capacity loss.

In addition to battery management, the Mach 4 Micro Chargers include SafeFly Standalone Discharge mode to allow the packs to discharge down to 30% when AC mains power is not present. This feature provides additional value and allows you to carry one charging system for both charge and discharge of the battery packs.

For more information please visit: www.CoreSWX.com

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