For Uche, a Principal in our Bay Area office, leading with integrity and helping her team grow are of top importance. To encourage professional development, "you need to have an environment where you feel you are not being judged, but you are actually... being coached [and] guided in a way that you can continue to improve on yourself from yesterday," she says.

Part of why Uche recognizes the importance of mentorship is that she herself has also benefitted from BCG's apprenticeship model. "Throughout my career I've had the good fortune of having many people be invested in my development and help me grow," she says.

As the Black&Latinx Node for the Bay Area, Uche also greatly prioritizes improving inclusion in the workplace. When there was a call to action for more to be done to increase support for diversity, equity and inclusion work, Uche helped to create the racial equity taskforce "to be transparent, [and] to be part of the people that are working on the solutions," she says, "We may not be where we want to be, but BCG is very focused and intentional about being a workplace for everyone."