An interview from the 2022 Cine Gear Atlanta Expo with Jose Noriega of Fluotec. Fluotec is an award-winning design and manufacturing firm specializing in lighting products and services for motion pictures, television, videography, photography, and theatres.

With over 20 years of rich experience in the international market, FLUOTEC has marked a solid reputation for itself as one of the best studio and production lighting companies in the industry.

The new CineLight 360 is a constant output BiColor Tunable DMX LED Long Throw Panel soft lighting fixture of high quality pure white light with interchangeable diffusion and a CCT range from 2300 K to 6300 K. It features a constant output of pure white light making it the largest and most powerful luminaire on the market; the light output is equivalent to 3 CineLight 120.

The great thing about this light is that unlike the much more expensive competitors the CineLight 360 is a self-contained luminaire that does not need a ballast or power supply.

• A very high efficiency broadcast & cinema luminaire with High-Speed option
• 4 x 3 ft (120 x 90 cm) Constant Luminous Output (2600 – 6300 K) of CCT with proprietary designed calibration curves
• Local LED digital display panel for manual control
• Remote DMX control assigns 2 channels, dimming and color temperature
• Preset button for custom configuration of color temperatures
• 2 High-Speed values for Tungsten and Daylight CCT
• Interchangeable diffusion panel
• NEBULA® reflective and diffusion chamber technology
• 50º LED intensifiers

For more information please visit: www.Fluotec.net

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