An interview from the 2022 Cine Gear Atlanta Expo with Nick S. of Tilta. Founded in 2010, Tilta Technology Co. Ltd. has always been committed to providing high-quality photography and cinematography equipment. As an ambitious start-up, they have expanded their product line from accessory kits for DSLRs to now fully supporting industry-leading cinema cameras. Through this process, Tilta has evolved from a manufacturer to an integrated solution provider, excelling in wireless lens control, camera cages, gimbal support systems, shock-absorbing car-mounts, etc.

The new Hydra-Arm Mini is a portable, lightweight, and relatively easy to use system for filming vehicles from multiple angles while in movement. The system fits in three cases and attaches to the top of any car. Built to work with the RS 3 PRO, RS 2, Ronin 4D and other similar systems, shots that were extremely expensive to achieve just a few years ago are now within reach. Taking inspiration from the Hydra Alien and full sized Hydra Arm design they developed, Titla believes this form factor will be a compelling addition to any filmmaker's arsenal.

For more information please visit: tilta.com

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