An interview from the 2022 Cine Gear Atlanta Expo with John Morgan of BlueShape USA. The BlueShape brand of video professional power systems is both designed and manufactured In Europe. The brand is known for leading the industry in technological advancements. BlueShape pioneered battery safety and performance with its Battery Management System, first available through its chargers and then added to BlueShape batteries with the GRANITE Link© app.

The CMDUAL-PD is the latest charger addition to compliment their DVPowerPack series of batteries. It supports simultaneous charging of both 7.2V and 14.4V batteries with up to 2.5A of charge current! This will reduce charging up to 3 times less from your typical after market charger. The two charging bays are totally independent: one bay can charge a 7.2V battery while the other can charge a 14.4V model without any performance issue.

The CMDUAL-PD charger supports USB power delivery - an industry first! This allows you to use the same AC adaptor for your CMDUAL-PD, camera, laptop and any other USB Type-C powered devices, perfect for travelling light. This charger comes in a slim, compact design and packs a punch.

Power your B-Mount ARRI Alexa 35 or other device without buying additional batteries! BlueShape has designed an efficient battery plate for the B-mount 24V devices. This accessory allows a 14V battery to provide the required voltage through a state of the art power converter that optimizes the load on the battery with an efficiency of at least 95%. The BlueShape plate also provides digital communication from the battery to the camera for BlueShape batteries.

The GO7 power generators provide AC power silently via the powerful 1200Wh internal batteries and a pure sine wave inverter. Batteries are recharged by the integrated quick charger which takes the unit from shut-off to full in seven hours. The unit has a charge-status indicator with dedicated status and error indicators, both visual and audible. ??

A large majority of production equipment accepts either 220 or 110-volt power, while some US applications allow only 110V. The two models allow the user to select which is preferred for remote productions, spot power at the point of need or mobile power on carts or other production equipment. Additionally, the units can function as a power conditioner in areas where power spikes can damage sensitive production equipment. When continued operation is critical for computers, control panels and other key equipment, the GO7 provides the stability and the reserve power in the event of a grid-power blackout.

The unit will provide years of use; when the batteries are depleted, the unit can be sent to a service center for battery-replacement and safe recycling of the removed batteries with the unit being restored to full function. At less than 40 pounds, the GO7 can go wherever it is needed. The trolley case, designed for easy portability, is shock-proof with an IP67 rating against dust and moisture incursion and has a retractable handle.

For more information please visit: www.BlueShape.net

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