An interview from the 2022 NAB Show New York with John Diel of Atempo. When migrating across domains or to different file systems some tools run into difficulties (EMcopy, Robocopy). A cross-vendor NAS migration can be a headache that can last for weeks, even if the end results are acceptable. Atempo solutions can move over 250 TB per day per installed Data Mover. All at a reasonable fraction of the cost of new storage device.

Because migration is usually a one-stop task, you can source servers and software and simply pay for the data you move irrespective of how many files are involved or how many changes are made during the migration. You can keep running these tools of course if you intend to continue transferring and synchronizing data between the storage devices.
Atempo's migration services start at 200 TB (or 250 million files) and they frequently move several petabytes.

Atempo tools let you migrate -or permanently replicate- file, folder and ACLs data from storage A to storage B with full automation, load balancing and macro and micro-level reporting. They can scale the power of their tools thanks to multi-streaming, multi-threading Atempo Miria Data Movers.

Miria for Analytics comprises rich and comprehensive dashboards for clear and pertinent storage usage. You are free to manage your unstructured data sets: for example, archive “cold” data to tape or the cloud, move data to reduce costs or forecast future needs.

Miria for Migration reliably automates high performance data movement for files and folders and associated ACLs between heterogeneous storages (NAS, distributed or parallel file servers). The solution is complemented by a full range of professional services by Atempo teams from the initial technical perimeter audit to the final storage cutover.

Miria for Backup’s Snapstor feature lets you cope with any incident on your high-capacity or high-performance storage. Snapstor ensures ongoing access to data during the incident, and if storage replacement is needed, it also supports you in the lengthy process of restoring your petascale/exascale data sets to new or repaired storage devices.

For more information please visit: www.Atempo.com

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