Making of BBC Earth's Great Rivers II: The Yukon River Episode.

Remote and wild, the Yukon is a river of haunting beauty and dangerous extremes – a place where the ‘call of the wild’ is still strong.

Our team produced the Yukon River episode of this exciting landmark BBC series, taking on the film shoots in their entirety with local crew, and embedding in the Yukon Territory, Canada and Alaska, USA for most of 2021. The team balanced the need for high end natural history sequences and intimate cultural narratives with the immense task of managing logistics in rural locations and extreme conditions. The 1 hour documentary captured the rugged beauty of the more than 3000 kilometres of the Yukon river. Directed by Louisa Gilbert.


Production Company: BBC Natural History Unit
Broadcaster: BBC Two
Release Date: 2022
Length: 1 x 60 mins