-Design & execute the start of the xBox Forza Horizon 5 game with a real life vehicle drop from an aircraft.
- Skydive stunt involving dropping a trail vehicle (Polaris RZR) from a helicopter.
Our role included:
- Skydive/ Aviation stunt operational strategy and design.
-Aviation stunts pre-production.
- Rigging designs including platform construction using energy dispersion material, helicopter release systems and cargo parachute deployment
- Skydive stunt coordinator including recruitment of skydive stunt talent.
- Skydive Camera operators
-Drop aircraft selection & prep
- Provision of Film helicopter
- Aviation regulatory compliance including license and permit approvals.
- Location scout with understanding of drop zone regulatory requirements.

Technical Info

Cameras used:
-Helicopter aerial camera systems (GSS Cinema Pro) and cinema camera (Red Epic)
Skydiver camera used: Freefly wave 4K with associated helmet mount and emergency release systems.

Aviation Regulator Compliance-
Civil Aviation Safety Authority,
-Australian Parachute Federation
-Air Services Australia.

Aircraft hire:
- Bell 212 helicopter (drop aircraft)
-Airbus EC120

Operational crew requirements:
-Drop Zone Safety Officer complying with APF Display Manual,
- Parachute riggers licensed and complying with APF Operational Regulations,
- Aerial dispatch personnel trained by the Australian Army airborne division

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