The CLAi Color Grading Reel demonstrates some of the techniques that I use, primarily within Da Vinci Resolve Pro, to bring new life to old ideas, save projects that have major problems, and simply make well produced pieces look spectacular... it's the Art of Color Grading. The goal is always the same, to make your film or video look as good or better than when you saw it in your head - before reality stepped in! I, with Alexandra Lomas on this piece, achieve it by combining creative solutions and innovative technologies to craft exceptionally effective programs of every type, size and budget. Good color grading should be invisible, but it should bring a little something extra to every story. Some of the many steps that I take in color work include: color correction to bring each scene in the footage to a happy place, color grading shot to shot to introduce or remove visual spikes in the sequences, creating one or many looks to enhance the mood, using motion mattes to focus attention to better tell the story, and removing unwanted elements from a film or video raw footage. Much of my work is shot in 4k, 6k or 8k RAW or Log (RED and Arri shot material is something of a speciality), and then usually mastered to both UHD 4k and 1080P for delivery in multiple formats for theater, television, computer streaming,


Chris Layhe and Alexander Lomas

Technical Info

Color Grading on DaVinci Resolve Studio