Christopher Newman’s short, lyrical visual poem was inspired by and is an homage to Wallace Stegner’s 1960 “Letter to Congress,” in which the writer advocated for the preservation of the wilderness that then remained. “Something will have gone out of us as a people if we ever let the remaining wilderness be destroyed,” Stegner wrote. In hindsight, the 1960s were hopeful; today, the exhortation is more urgent than ever.


Director: Christopher Newman
Executive Producer: Dalia Burde
Creative Director: Amani King
Producer: Bijan Rafie-Tari
Editor: Dana Shaw
Directors of Photography: Keenan Newman, David Bourke, Matthew Rome
1st AC: Troy Dickerson
Additional Footage: Devin Whetstone, Skysight, Kate Arizmendi
Water Camera: Stephen Amato
Aerials: Drew Kass
Sound Recording: Luiza Sá-Davis
Music by Daniel Hart
Color: Chris Martin (Mission Film Design)
Sound Mix: Chris Konovaliv (Audiolux)
Post Producers: Jess Manning, Angie Golden Henry