We had a crew of about 20 people sleeping in RV's and vans in the middle of nowhere for a week to get these shots. Every day we would be chasing the sunrise and sunset to get the best light possible for all their vehicles. We rigged a Motocrane Arm to a CanAm to have a chase vehicle and a mobile jib allowing us to maximize time and get a tone of high quality shots in each session. We shot on Red V-Raptor for the resolution and Cooke Varatols for the look and flexibility.


Client - Kubota
Production Company - Fragrant
Director - Aiden Franklin
DP - Brandon Zebell
Producer - Michael Macias
Field Producer - David White
Boom Op - Max Fuerst
Head Op - Scotty Reese
AC - Kyle Sanders
2nd AC - Paden Smith
Sound Mixer - Jonathan Haggard
PA - Haley Fogleman
Set Medic - Iesha Crowder
Spiritual Advisor - Darreal Caldwell
BTS - Bryan Espinosa
Editor - The Edit House
Location - Lance Autrey
Casting Agency - Legacy Casting
Talent - Cable Smith
Talent - Sara McNinch
Talent - Marqi Morgan
Talent - Kevin Parsons
Talent - Ricardo Ramirez
Talent - Terra Sennett

Technical Info

RED Raptor, Arri Alexa LF, Cooke Varatols, Motocrane, Movi XL

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