We were hired by TBD Media to assist in producing this corporate documentary highlighting Prysmian Group's efforts to design sustainable cable solutions for the world's energy grid.

"The U.S. power grid remains integral to transporting energy across the region, but it is becoming less and less dependable. Beyond power distribution sustainability, the U.S. has adapted to a new normal concerning increased connectivity and optical fiber demands. Tackling these issues is not an easy task, but Prysmian Group, the global leader in the wire and cable industry, is investing in innovations and sustainable products that pave the way for a brighter future.

Find out more: na.prysmiangroup.com;


Creative: Fleur Dyer (TBD Media)
DP (Prysmian Offices): Adam K. Allen
Audio/Gaffer (Prysmian Offices): Michael Abel
PA/Grip (Prysmian Offices): Nicholas Guy
Post: TBD Media Group

Additional footage from factories captured by another company.