Unleash the magic of pet companionship with Anacapa Productions' latest commercial for Petco. Starring Tazi, the dynamo dog with charm in spades, this film is an homage to the heartwarming bonds we share amongst ourselves and with our pets.

Shot on the ultra-precise ARRI S35 camera by our expert in-house team, every detail of this commercial is crafted to tug at the heartstrings. From the spark of the original idea to the polished final cut, we've poured love and commitment into every frame.

We bring you a story that transcends the average commercial - it’s a tribute to connections near and far. Get ready for an unforgettable small story about a couple's fist dog, powered by creativity, dedication, and one unforgettable canine.

At Anacapa, we're not just making commercials - we're crafting heartfelt connections. Discover the magic!


Director/DP - @ellington_tynes

Prod: www.anacapaproductions.com/commercial


GF - @omgval

BF - @jung.aol #TaziDad

Sis - @studiomaggiebarr

BFF- @kaijarain


Gimbal / Camera Op: @james.b.hammond

1st AC: @luigiimagery

2nd AC / Gaffer Swing @jonwaltermoceyhanton

Set Dresser: @grasshoppershowstopper

Audio: @eericrosas

Post Sup: @zroscoe

Audio Mastering: @laurent.hadrien

BIG Thanx to: @yukixnoguchi, @harleycortez, @cassiusmk, @deanlenwaa, @pierretsiga

Technical Info

ARRI s35 camera shot in 4.6k, Ronin R2 Gimbal, Sigma Prime Set

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