An interview from the 2023 IBC Show in Amsterdam with Skip Levens at the Quantum Stand. Quantum technology, software, and services provide the solutions that today's organizations need to make video and other unstructured data smarter – so their data works for them and not the other way around. With over 40 years of innovation, Quantum's end-to-end platform is uniquely equipped to orchestrate, protect, and enrich data across its lifecycle, providing enhanced intelligence and actionable insights.

Modern applications like data science, AI, VFX and animation require a solution that delivers consistent, high performance and low latency. It's also critical to have an agile, modern infrastructure that doesn’t rely on legacy or custom hardware and adapts as your needs change to keep costs low, reduce complexity, and future-proof your infrastructure.

Quantum Myriad's scale-out file and object storage cloud-native software is an easy-to-use solution that overcomes the limitations of hardware-centric designs. This means you can adapt to future storage needs while reducing the management burden of over-extended staff so they can focus on business priorities. Replace legacy disk-based systems with Myriad’s modern, software-defined, all-flash platform that delivers faster performance, greater scale, and better power efficiency.

When deployed in tandem with Quantum's solutions for long-term archiving and data protection, you get a comprehensive end-to-end platform that covers your needs from ingest to analysis to archive to extract the most value from your data across the lifecycle.

For more information please visit: www.Quantum.com

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