An interview from the 2023 NAB Show in New York City with Manny Rosado at the AJA Video Systems Booth. Since 1993, AJA Video Systems has been a leading manufacturer of video interface technologies, converters, digital video recording solutions, and professional cameras, bringing high-quality, cost-effective products to the professional broadcast, video, and post production markets.

Consolidate up to 12 AJA Mini-Converters into one 2 RU rack unit with the AJA DRM-R2 Mini-Converter Rackmount Frame and forget about having to plug in 12 separate power supplies. The frame comes with its own universal power supply that has 12 discrete 5V regulated power outputs, obviating the need for the individual power supply for each converter. The frame supports up to 12 D4/D5 series Mini-Converters or up to six D10/HD10 series Mini-Converters, and you can mix and match converters to suit your needs.

The frame is 19" wide, taking up the full width of a standard rack, and 2 RU high, though AJA recommends leaving 1 RU space above the frame in the rack when using select larger Mini-Converters. The frame comes with six brackets to mount D4/D5 Mini-Converters and six larger brackets for mounting D10/HD10 Mini-Converters. The universal power supply works with 100 to 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz, and it supports up to a total of 50W maximum across its 12 discrete power output connections.

BRIDGE LIVE is the broadcast quality, low latency turnkey system for REMI, Synchronous Multi-Channel Video Contribution, Remote Collaboration, Direct to Audience Streaming, and Multi Bit Rate/Format Delivery.

BRIDGE LIVE was developed as a collaboration between AJA and Comprimato to deliver the performance, reliability, and ease of use needed for critical live encode, decode, or transcode needs. Equipped with 12G-SDI I/O plus the power and flexibility to enable real time bidirectional encoding, decoding, and transcoding for critical UltraHD and HD workflows, BRIDGE LIVE is an essential part of any modern live video production toolkit. A compact and robust 1RU form factor with redundant power supplies and a three year warranty means peace of mind even when dealing with the most demanding applications.

New for 2023 is the addition of a licensable option for JPEG XS input and output. Also new is RTMP input, SMPTE ST 2022-7 hitless redundancy for critical signal delivery, and Input Auto-Reconfiguration.

Whether facilitating remote production, two-way interviews, live event streaming, synchronous multi-cam backhaul with HDR, cloud contribution, program return, confidence monitoring, collaborative production, ABR ladder profiles to hand off for OTT packaging, BRIDGE LIVE ensures simultaneous, secure, and stable workflows whether over private lines or the public internet.

For more information please visit: www.AJA.com

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