An interview from the 2023 NAB Show in New York City with Jing Zhou at the Harmonic Stand. Harmonic, the worldwide leader in virtualized broadband and video delivery solutions, enables media companies and service providers to deliver ultra-high-quality video streaming and broadcast services to consumers globally. The company revolutionized broadband networking via the industry's first virtualized broadband solution, enabling cable operators to more flexibly deploy gigabit internet service to consumers' homes and mobile devices. Whether simplifying OTT video delivery via innovative cloud and software platforms, or powering the delivery of gigabit internet cable services, Harmonic is changing the way media companies and service providers monetize live and on-demand content on every screen.

VOS®360 Ad SaaS is for broadcasters, service, and content providers ready to take their advertising to the next level. Deliver pinpoint personalized experiences for live, linear, and video-on-demand content for subscribers worldwide.
Maximize your ad inventory and CPMs with dynamic ad insertion. VOS360 Ad is the complete solution that fits your budget and workflow. You can integrate VOS360 Ad with your existing ad decision server, or leverage open API capabilities, meaning no vendor lock-in.

VOS®360 Media SaaS takes even the most complex workflow and abstracts it to a simple layer with guaranteed reliability. Receive content at the source, uplink to the cloud, insert and personalize the content, then distribute right to your viewer’s screen. Improve your viewer’s experience with reduced latency and exceptional encoding efficiency.

VOS® Media Software is created from the ground up as a cloud-native platform for video processing and delivery. It's built with docker containers and microservices, using Kubernetes orchestration.

For more information please visit: www.HarmonicInc.com

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