Uploaded on 9/3/2011


"Somewhere in the minor leagues is the next legend"

The story of baseball's minor leagues has not been told in great detail. Most conjure up the movie Bull Durham as the blue print for life in the minors.

That perception is going to change with the release of"Minor League: The Road to the Show",an original television and multi-platform program that will give fans a season-long look into what it takes, both on the field and off, to climb the ranks of the minor leagues and become a major league baseball player.

Some of these guys are going to make it. Most won't. Out of 3,500 minor league players, only 8 percent of them will ever wear a major league uniform. Of that number, an even smaller percentage will make a career of playing baseball.

Which begs the question: Why do it?

The answer is because they all share a dream and passion for the game of baseball. Nobody tells their compelling stories of hard work, determination and sense of tradition better than the players themselves. These are their stories, and with this show fans can join in the players journeys as they travel the long and often rocky road from Beloit to the Bronx.

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Larry Richards - Producer, Director
Jeff Osborne - DP, Editor
Brian Dinkelman - Professional Baseball Player