Made in 48 hours, "The Black Glove Initiative" was created with three stipulations:

The genre needed to be "conspiracy"
It needed to feature a specific prop, a black glove
It needed to feature the dialogue "I'll have to try harder."

As soon as we got these requirements, Team Minigade locked myself and a partner in a room, where we created a script. That script led to us filming, and that footage was edited solely by me to create the finished product you see.


Screenplay: Greg L. Mercer & Ike Oden

John Abernathy - Cameron Skalski
The Informant - Ike Oden

Director: Ike Oden
Producer: Matt Karp
Director of Photography: Nate Boyer
Audio: Mason Culp
Editing: Greg L. Mercer

Technical Info

Edited using Final Cut Pro 6