As you may or may not know Andrew works on lots of projects, actually way too many to fit in a 2 minute highlight reel. If you are looking for projects like his website design, writing skills or just more of what you saw visit www.andrewbiesen.com.

Video's shown in order:

1) Corner Bakery Spec (Elkhorn Ent/RP)
2) Spaghettios Inner Child (Poptent Finalist/Editors Choice)
3) Quit By Design Case Study (Elkhorn Ent/RP)
4) Office Depot Industrial (Elkhorn Ent/RP)
5) TUMS Summer BBQ Radio (Elkhorn Ent/RP)
6) Breathe Right Cold Season Radio (Elkhorn Ent/RP)
7) Been Dat Sayyi Music Video (ABProductions)
8) 1 of 32 Demo Reels (Scene Nite)*
9) 2 of 32 Demo Reels (Scene Nite)*
10) 3 of 32 Demo Reels (Scene Nite)*

** All 32 Actors Reels was shot all within 10 days and mounted to the length of 2 feature films


Casting Director, Producer, Editor, Writer: Andrew Biesen