An interview from the 2015 Cine Gear LA Expo at Paramount Studios with Blumes Tracy of The Studios At Paramount. The Studios at Paramount has always been an industry leader and home to countless famous television and motion picture productions. Today, they are ushering in a new era of excellence and embarking on a new phase of history by continuing the evolution of their services and facilities to meet the demands of today and tomorrow’s production partners. In this interview Blumes talks with us about just a few of the many products & services they offer, from Stages & Backlots to Production Support & Set Manufacturing.

Their huge 65-acre lot contains not only some of the biggest stages available, but also numerous lot locations to let you create a scene in almost any part of the world. They have 30 Digital Stages, 12 Stages Over 15,000 sq. ft, Wireless Networking and Internet Access Available Stages, 10 Audience Rated Stages, and 8 Stages with Pits.

The Studios at Paramount’s New York Street encompasses a 5-acre site and recreates eight distinct areas of the city such as, Brooklyn, Brownstone, Financial District, Greenwich Village, Lower East Side, SoHo, Upper East Side, and Washington Square. Additionally they have a B-Tank, Stylish Theaters, Scenic Parks, Numerous Architectural Structures and Facades, and a Variety of Shops.

Their ever-expanding collection of equipment can handle any printing project you need – from small and large format prints to lighted displays. Besides standard (or not so standard) printing jobs, they can also provide quality graphics for your props and set dressing. Their engraving products are always of top-notch quality. No matter what, the sign shop and graphic design experts at The Studios at Paramount are always ready to create all of the finishing touches for your set.

They also offer a full range of paint services and are able to provide any finish required. The masters will color match anything and specialize in custom mixing to make each hue exact. Plus, with one of the largest on-site inventories around, it’s easy to pick the perfect colors for your set and have them applied by the best professionals in the industry.

The Studios at Paramount has the largest full-time special effects/prop department of any major production facility, complete with their own on-site machine and fabrication shop. Their special effects technicians will manufacture anything you want from vehicles to mechanical action props utilizing a variety of materials including metals, plastics and acrylics. They can also create any environmental conditions your script requires from a gentle snow flurry to a raging hurricane. Exciting pyrotechnics are always ready to complete your action shots on a normal day on the lot.

They also offer Custom Design and Manufacturing like On-site Metal Fabrication in their Welding and Machine Shop. They specialize in Electronic, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Rigging, Vehicle Roll Bars and Tow Bars, Break-away Props, and boast a Huge Vacuum Form Inventory. Their shop is stocked with the most extensive collection of designs available with over 300 period and contemporary mouldings as well as custom mouldings, turnings, doors and windows.

For more information please visit: www.TheStudiosAtParamount.com

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