For my masters project at Berklee I completed two trailers in which I replaced all sonic elements. This includes original compositions written by me, voice over recording, mixing, mastering, sound editing, sound designing with samplers synthesizers and programming skills.

This is a trailer for the 2009 Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen movie. Again, I replaced everything you hear.

Recommend listening on a sound system with proper bass. Laptop speakers and such don't do it justice. ;)


I produced, edited, recorded, composed, engineered, and designed sound for this spot. In addition, I programmed all digital processing elements necessary to create many sounds.

Technical Info

Pro Tools HD3 system. For ADR I ran either a Neuman U87 through Milennia TD-1 preamp into Yamaha O2R and through there into Pro Tools for digital recording and syncing. Many digital programs, synthesizers and samplers were needed for this project. I programmed and manipulated many patches, and samplers to achieve granular sounds, convolved whooshes, doppler effect, etc...

Sound editing was done in Pro Tools. All music cues were done in Logic Studio 9.