An interview from the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Brian Gaetke of SkyTechno. Gearhouse Broadcast, in conjunction with its partners Telescopic, LLC and Big Shot Camera Cranes, created SkyTechno, a dramatic evolution in camera crane technology that enables powerful camera moves perfect for live events, concerts, television shows, film and commercials, stage productions, and sports. In this interview Brian talks with us about the SkyTechno, the smoothest and most versatile of camera cranes, and also the first and only inverted telescoping camera crane in the world.

The SkyTechno is the first and only inverted telescoping camera crane in the world that is mounted up in the lighting grid with dolly track attached to a lighting truss. It is 100% encoded which gives it the ability to track through graphics and images and has a stabilized 2-axis remote Talon head. The Skytechno can tilt down at a 45 degree angle 24’ below the grid and it has 360 degree capabilities with the arm and the remote head. The system comes with 30’ of dolly track that is easily attached to any lighting truss and can add 10’ increments up to 100’ of track depending on your production needs. The crane telescopes from 9’ retracted to 24’ extended and the encoding feature allows the operator to set stops at all positions. It is without a doubt the smoothest and most versatile crane of its kind in the world.

John Newton, the CEO and founder of Gearhouse, along with its development partners were inspired to develop SkyTechno during the production of a major television project, when there were missed opportunities for incredible shots. Gearhouse saw the need to help advance crane/jib technology. After two years of research and development in close collaboration with Brian Williams, the renowned developer of the TechnoJib, and Brian Gaetke, a premier industry operator at Big Shot Camera Cranes, SkyTechno is now available in North America.

With augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) production requirements growing, SkyTechno embraces the demands of 360-degree production. SkyTechno employs the very latest encoding technology ensuring that 3D graphics can be inserted into the live camera feed exactly where and when needed. SkyTechno is built upon proprietary encoding software that makes every movement and placement programmable and repeatable with incredible precision.

Additionally, SkyTechno has the flexibility to support the needs of promoters in highly desirable venues. It’s no longer necessary for production equipment to take actual seats, which are usually the most preferred seats, out of circulation. The first rows of concerts, sporting events, and live stage shots are managed by SkyTechno without blocking rows and views.

For more information please visit: www.SkyTechno.com