This chronicles my work during my time in school. It covers motion graphics, acting and directing.


MOTION GRAPHICS "3 Squares", "WSBK BOSTON id (re-create)", "ABC id", "Ai California - Santa Monica ad", "THE SEXY SULTANS ad/intro", MUSIC VIDEO (faux): Teddy Pendergrass - "I Don't Love You Anymore", "Mugsy's Office"; "Racism: Don't Pass It On!" PSA 2007, Converse sneakers ad 2006; SCENE REMAKES: "Ocean's 11-Bellagio's" 2007, "THE HUSTLER-Sarah's Apartment" 2008, FILM SHORTS: "THE MIX-UP: College Edition" 2008 and "THE MIX-UP: High School Edition" 2008

Technical Info

Final Cut Pro; After Effects