We like to think of our Demo reels as Mixtapes. Remember when you would lovingly spend all that time putting down your favorite tracks and then making copies for all your friends, maybe you don't but take my word for it, it was cool :)

Welcome to Brave Man. We shoot commercials, music videos, mini-documentaries and are in post-production for our first feature film. We love to produce great content - we work with agencies, helping to bring their ideas to the screen giving them and their clients the biggest bang for their buck. This is a sample of out favorites from the last year or so. Enjoy!


Production Company: Brave Man

Technical Info

Arri, RED, Black Magic, Canon C300, DaVinci, Resolve, Premier Pro, AVID, After Effects, Flame

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Karate Combat - Behind the Scenes
Karate Combat - Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes
Surf's Up South Florida
Surf's Up South Florida
Demo Reel / Show Reel