Core is excited to introduce their new Maverick NiMH 605wh battery pack, the next generation, all encompassing block battery system for cinema and lighting applications.

Built for high demand situations, the MV6 can sustain up to 20A draw on both 14v and 28v outputs simultaneously, while it’s internal charger can charge the pack back up in five hours. It’s all aluminum modular design provides a robust form to sustain the rigors of productions, while providing up to 7”of water resistance.

The Nano Micro series is officially RED Approved to be used with the new RED Raptor camera. Powering just the camera, the 98wh will last about 1 hour and the 147wh will get about 1.5 hours. They are equipped with the 4-stage LED gauge to quickly view remaining runtime, as well as a USB and p-tap to power additional accessories.

For more info please visit: coreswx.com

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