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What Goes Around
Warning: Contains mild violence I filmed this back in early March 2012 and it took me almost 2 months to edit it and add the VFX because I did not have a green screen when filming so I had to go back and rotoscope every frame that would have necessitated a green screen. The VFX I experimented…
Dan Jackson - Demo Reel
I'm an animator, videographer, video editor, storyboard, motion graphics, and voice over guy. This is a sampler of some of my work. email: visceralgristle@yahoo.com
Red Wind Casino - Balloon
Shooting in Olympia? Making a guy fly? A beautiful house on the beach? Why not! This was quite an exciting production for us not only because we got to try some tricks that we don’t usually get to but also because we’re quite pleased with the final end product. KK BOLD – an advertising agency out…

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