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Ari Ross Explainer Video
This is an Explainer showcasing my voice & Explainer Video creation service
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Explainer Video Animation
Explainer videos make everything just a bit more fun. This is an example of an explainer video that we crafted for a creative agency. It tells their story and keeps you engaged. Do you need an explainer video animation for your company? Give us a…
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DraftKings Basketball Animated Explainer
Client: DraftKings Objective: We crafted a series of videos for DraftKings, a daily fantasy sports contest provider. These ranged from baseball to MMA fighting, all with the purpose of explaining how DraftKings works and what it has to offer for sports enthusiasts. We're very proud of this…
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Andrew Randall Voice-over Demo Reel - Explainer Videos
Explainer video demo reel for Andrew Randall
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Explainer Video Narrator - Mike Harrison
A brief montage of several explainer videos for which I provided narration. I am an expert in credibly and fluently showcasing your company's products or services. Thank you for listening!
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Training Videos - Show Reel
They say it is more effective to show, than to tell. Why not do both? Video offers your audience a multi-sensory experience that is simultaneously educational, persuasive, and easy to digest. Better than reading a series of instructions, or referencing a collection of pictures and diagrams video…
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Business Videos - Show Reel
http://www.theparadoxstudio.com A short 1-3 minutes custom video about your business, custom made just for you. .It is a video about your business, your services, or your website, and can be used over a variety of online and offline platforms. It can attract more customers, remind old customers and…
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Explainer Video Production Company
Video content lets you condense complex ideas in seconds and it brings a new light on analytics showing you the story behind each view. But not any video will get good results and that’s why at http://www.yumyumvideos.com/ we make things different. All of our videos are tailored to the marketing…
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Explainer Video Animation - Delray Shores Pharmacy
Animated explainer videos work as superb marketing tools for virtually every type of industry, and help our global clients stand out and grow their businesses. With a team of highly skilled artists and animation professionals, we ensure the the entire process is fun and exciting for everyone…
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RanDesign Explainer "Almost 30 Years"
No matter what business you’re in, you can benefit from video production. You need video in your marketing. If not TV ads, then Sales and Promotional for the web. Or maybe you’re a manufacturer or reseller, and you could use training videos. Or you’re a church, and you want to convey a message…
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Video produced by www.yumyumvideos.com
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Joy Noguess 2015 Animation Reel
2d Animation Reel for Joy Noguess, Austin, Texas animator. Featuring projects for clients ranging from explainer videos, to humorous cartoons, and animated logos. Work is primarily created in Adobe After Effects and Flash.
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O-Studios Demo Reel 2017
3D/2D animator/video effects motion designer with background in graphic design, and award- winning documentaries and production staff management. Extensive experience in explainer videos, whiteboard animation,visual effects, digital compositing, UI design and motion capture for commercial, medical…
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Video produced by www.yumyumvideos.com
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How to get a British Voiceover from Mike Cooper
I often voice explainer and whiteboard videos for other people, but decided to make my own to showcase my voice!
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Pixel Valley Studio Showreel
Our showreel of work we've produced in the past year. The reel includes examples of a startup demo, explainer and content marketing videos as well as promotional videos.
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A One Stop Creative Video Production Company in Malaysia
theparadoxstudio.com/ Paradox Studio uses the latest technology to provide video and photography services. Our services are geared for several markets, including Television Stations, Multinationals, Advertising Agencies, SME's, Event Management Companies, Websites, Hotel and Tourism,…
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Video Production Services San Francisco Bay Area
Our video production services at 12 Point are designed to offer high quality brand storytelling. Giving you the best is simply what we do. We specialize in many types of video productions, such as: Corporate videos Marketing videos Youtube (web and viral videos) Sizzle reels Aerial video…
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Safety Training Video Production
Use video to create training programs for new employees, staff, contractors and visitors and save time and money while improving efficiency and safety. The benefits to training videos are significant – they reduce training costs and help you reach a large number of people with a consistent message.…
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Impact Video
A big challenge was explaining what we do the services we provide, our experience and how we can provide value to you are for our future client. So for an over-the-top demonstration in semi entertaining presentation, we produced this video and named it “The Impact Demo.” It was created with…
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Demo Duck Homepage Video
We at Demo Duck create videos for any mission.
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Corporate Reel
http://www.theparadoxstudio.com We can help plan and produce your corporate video to showcase your company and get your message across. It is documentary style film that presents company credentials and incorporates a combination of interviews and voiceover. Content typically covers company…
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Showreel 2015
A compilation of all the projects we've done in that past year (2015). It consists of explainer videos, corporate videos, TV commercials and motion graphics.
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Atlanta Voice Over Talent Lance Blair
Demo reel by Atlanta Voice Over Talent Lance Blair
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White Board Animation
Its explainer video for the company.
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Web Video Production Services
Now is the time to expand your digital footprint with professional quality video. Just as every business needs a website, more companies are adding videos to their digital brand to stand out from the crowd. Video connects, conveys, and convinces better than any other type of content available…
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ELS Myrtle Beach
ELS Headquarters approached Vibrant Motion with an ambitious goal: Create a video strategy for all ELS Language Centers and create structured yet unique videos highlighting the features of those locations. The strategy was created over the course of two months and the first 7 videos were filmed…
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2016 Commercial Reel
2016 Commercial Reel
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Clark Underwood
A documentarian and videographer creating honest and emotive videos for organizations, businesses, and individuals.
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Production Showreel
This is the corporate and commercial showreel.
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Non Profit Video - Show Reel
http://www.theparadoxstudio.com A Compilation of a few recent Non Profit, Fundraising, Activism and Documentary videos I worked on. Its always a pleasure to experience the harsh realities of life up close.
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Corporate Video Voice Over
Corporate Video Voice Over by Lance Blair: Industrial narration, promotional explainer videos, product tutorials, and business voice overs. http://lanceblairvo.com
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Do You Wanna Save Some Bacon
This animated song for online video promotion was also split into 30 second spots for use in broadcast, youtube pre-rolls, pandora audio and other forms of advertising. Awards: 2 Silver Telly Awards, 1 Bronze Telly Award, 2 Bronze People's Telly Awards, 2 Gold Communicator Awards, 1 IAC Award…
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Scott 2 Promotional Video
We produced a promotional video with Scott 2 for them to use to attratc students to their wonderful school!
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Top Pup Media | Dallas Video Production Company
We are full-service video production company based in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas metroplex. We produce a variety of videos including commercials, marketing spots, trade show videos, web, online, and YouTube videos for businesses and companies. We also specialize in explainer and infographic…
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Henderson Creative Demo Reel
Creative is our last name! We love to: think, conceptualize, sketch, build, draw, design, illustrate, produce, animate, write, script, cast, edit, shoot, record, and promote. We always take the time to listen first and understand what really makes your marketplace tick and the story you want to…

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