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TRT 2:00 Randy Vandegrift EDITOR DEMO REEL
Clips from feature films and television series edited by Randy Vandegrift 310-447-8575
DraftKings Basketball Animated Explainer
Client: DraftKings Objective: We crafted a series of videos for DraftKings, a daily fantasy sports contest provider. These ranged from baseball to MMA fighting, all with the purpose of explaining how DraftKings works and what it has to offer for sports enthusiasts. We're very proud of this…
David Kruta - Cinematography Reel 2014
An award-winning Director of Photography and the son of Czech political refugees, David Kruta’s lifetime has taken him through a variety of cultures, experiences and locations spanning the globe, naturally bringing him to New York City to fulfill his passion for cinematography and…
James Brennan 2012 Reel
Biography: I consider myself to be a worker with the soul of a clown, an introvert and a loving companion, a dreamer but a realist, a critic and a friend. I find comfort in regularity but also love the extraordinary. Thus far my life has been a grand adventure in which I have experienced a world…
newyork video shoot
MIXED MEDIA VISUAL ARTIST I am an Animator with practical expertise in all aspects of technical, commercial,Visual and graphic arts .Born and raised by my grandparents in Jamaica nyc they have always encouraged me to stand out and speak for myself no one can speak for me and art gave me a voice…
Bazillion Pictures Creates A 3D Architectural Projection Mapping Spectacle For Union Station’s Centennial Celebration
Bazillion Pictures transformed Union Station’s Beaux-Arts facade into a canvas for a 3D projection mapping video that was the centerpiece for the iconic Kansas City building’s centennial celebration. The full-service studio created the 3D animation, visual effects and motion graphics for the…

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