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True Story
When Relationships go bad, bad follows.
True Film Production Demo Reel 2012
True Film Production is a New York boutique company that offers a wide range of creative video production services. We specialize in all categories of videos from filming live events and corporate videos to television commercials. Our team is an elite group of professionals with extensive…
The Legend of Crazy Larry Trailer
Based on a true event in New Mexico about a man that has been tormented by the neighborhood teenagers for years.
The Making of Survivor
Two-hour E! Entertainment True Hollywood Story special on the making of the first eight seasons of Mark Burnett's "Survivor." It was the highest-rated two-hour special at the time of its airing, and I interviewed Mark Burnett at the press junket for season 9. Fun! Hope you enjoy it.
The Evil Ones: A short film by Brent Bambic
Upon moving into a new home the lives of a family are overtaken by satanic forces, which escalates into the children being attacked by demonic entities who wield supernatural powers and culminates in a spiritual battle to save them. A feature length version of this story is being developed for…
Flying For Your Life: Jacob's Story
The Casteel family from Chattanooga, TN was in a heart-sinking situation with their son Jacob. At birth, Jacob had a lesion on his back that didn’t seem like much until he was 15 months. The doctors in Chattanooga had never encountered these symptoms before. It was diagnosed as a rare disease…
The Walking Dead, American Horror Story: Coven, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Supernatural, Medium, a Charmed remake, The Originals, Witches of East End...vampires, werewolves, witches, zombies and other creatures are taking over TV. John Basedow (@JohnBasedow) and Chrissy Oakes (@ChrissyOakesTV)…
How far would you go in search of true love? A scene from the feature film script 'Unconditional'.
Senior Show Promo
For my Senior show I created 3 Animations that intereacted and were projected onto 3 different screens at different angles. The theory of physicas and light displayed true when the projections interchanged and mixed in space by use of the projections before the actual images were displayed on the…
Love of Life
The full-length feature film "Love of Life," based on the short story of the same name by Jack London premiered May 19th at the Island Resort & Casino theater in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The adaptation, written by The Village's Robert Gregg, of Escanaba, Michigan, and directed by Kevin…
The Real Twist
Documentary of an independent clown named Toby Twist. A very true story.
The Baker Way
A story inspired by true events of a mans successful turnaround in life thanks to a helping hand from a member of Baker Industries.
ETON "Inferno"
"ETON" Film a premier and inspiring story which unveil the Grand pentatuical legacy Ethiopian received during the mysterious biblical era. A movie where sensation and history struggle to Survive!!! Based On True Core!!!!
Voyagers: The First Hawaiians
From director Paul Csige, comes the incredible true story of the discovery of Hawaii. Told through the art of Herb Kawainui Kane, this epic film will show you a place and a people you never knew existed.
Episodes from the true, life story of Pelendo... a Congolese pastor/evangelist used by God to plant many churches in the northwestern DRCongo. By his simple faith in God and genuine Christian testimony, miracles were performed and people in many villages came to know and accept the truth about God.…
The Enemy God (feature film)
Deep in the Amazon jungle, where the spirit world and the natural world merge, Shake has reached the highest honor a Yanomamö shaman can attain, that of 'child-eater.' Traveling in the spirit to an enemy’s village to loose your demons results in many deaths, and the reverence of your people. …
"The Enemy God" trailer - "Guide You"
Here in the Amazon jungle, where the spirit world and the natural world merge, Shake has reached the highest honor a Yanomamö shaman can attain. Shake has possession of many spirits, but the Spirit most feared by all Yanomamö, is one they call Yai Wanonabälewä – The Enemy God. The Enemy God is a…
Across Dot Ave.
Based on actual events, "Across Dot. Ave." is the story of Kevin Hearns, a former skinhead punk, now a successful New York City stockbroker. He is forced to confront the violence of his past life when he returns to the tough streets of Dorchester, MA, a notorious South Boston burg. Feature film…
Free Fall Fim Festival tease
This teas promotes the premier of the DiveHeart Documentary, "Free Fall" a weightless journey. Produced, shot and edited by Rick Morris for r.e.m films. This documentary tells the real story of adaptive scuba for people who can no longer tolerate gravity. The bravest of the brave trust in…
Get to know Foundation Media Solutions
New product development is a real passion for our team. Seeing a product through its entire life cycle, from inception to success is our true mission, and we take great pride in helping clients accomplish their dreams. No matter you are - an entrepreneur, an inventor, a distributor, a product…
TV Commercial for Brain Balance in Virginia Beach
This television commercial focuses on the true-life story of Gabe, an autistic teenager who is being helped by Brain Balance in Virginia Beach. Gabe’s father relates the hurt of discovering Gabe’s autism and concludes his interview with the hope that Brain Balance offers. Interspersed between shots…
"SLIT" takes you on a dark journey through a woman's emotional decent into insanity. This is the story of a woman who suffers through her abusive husband, controlling sister and narcissistic lover. Candice's controlling husband suffers from an extreme case of O.C.D. and she wants nothing more than…
Video Editing / Demo Reel
Here is a 4 segment demonstration of my Video Editing / VFX skills. Each run about approximately one minute long. -Intro- After Effects animation 1. The Real Truth Behind The Real True Story: Donnie Miller (Video Editor / VFX Artist) 2. The Monster Squad, Trailer (Video Editor / VFX Artist) 3.…
Reading on the Go
This video introduces caregivers to the many ways they can help children with reading skills while on the go, such as spotting all the places where you see letters and words in a city block, at a store, or on the road. Signs are everywhere. Children can find and point out words on a sign or talk…
"I Still Carry You" - Alathea
How could a simple pillow become such a treasured gift? The answer lies in the value of something so readily available to most, but a rare "luxury" for children and families who live in extreme poverty in Central Appalachia. In the music video, I Still Carry You, award-winning artist, Alathea,…
Be Creative Again
Go back, as far as you need to, to that moment in life where your world was perfect. The beautiful unfiltered moment of your youth where your imagination was boundless. Remember how many possibilities you could create in a single room? How quickly your mind could expand and the ease with which you…
Behind The Scenes
This is a lyric music video featuring Alexa Rae Gallagher, who wrote the words and melody for Behind The Scenes. The video was written, produced, directed, filmed and edited by Drew Bolognini of #quick4productions. The song's story surrounds our star's desire to get to know Harry Styles, the…
Gettin' Out Trailer
This trailer is for the film "Gettin' Out" available on DVD. LOGLINE: A Boy Who Could Never Catch a Break, and Now It's Going To End Like This? SYNOPSIS: Based on a True Story. A poor seven year old boy is devastated by the sudden death of the father he worshiped, followed by a serious…
Trailer for the movie entitled "Flawed", and independent feature film by my upstart production company Dynasty Films Production Group. ‘FLAWED’ is a Christian film powered by a story of the desire to be better individuals. April Stone (Lakisha May) is trying desperately to reconnect with her…
Sam Good
Sam Good was a wealthy businessman who never learned the meaning of compassion until his life was saved by to meth addicts who taught him the true meaning of love thy neighbor. Based on Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan, the film takes the audience into the world of drug addiction as Jack and…
James Kicklighter Demo Reel
Spending the first eighteen years of his life in Bellville, Georgia, population 123, James Kicklighter has become a multi-award winning writer/director whose work has been recognized by leading film publications around the world, including The Hollywood Reporter, The Times of India and FilmInk…
'Showtime / Happy Groundhog Day 2015' - created by Bazillion Pictures
The team at Bazillion Pictures is united in its belief that Groundhog Day just doesn’t get the recognition it deserves - and steadfast in its determination to right this injustice. This year the company created an animated digital spot that uses wit and whimsy to bring this weighty issue to the…
Zac Cavaliero's Animated Short Wins Reel 13 Competition, Earning It A National Broadcast Debut on Thirteen-WNET
Zac Cavaliero's short film, 'The Frank Job,' showcasing the cinematographer's skills as a character animator, was Reel 13's voters' choice this week, earning it a slot on national broadcast television on Thirteen-WNET's Saturday evening line up. The film's storyline is a new twist on the…
Editor Diego Panich Creates The Pace For Lenny Kravitz's New Spot For Falabella, 'Rock Star City Life'
Wild(child) Editorial's Diego Panich was recently tasked with cutting a commercial featuring Lenny Kravitz that makes viewers feel like they have an all-access pass backstage at the rocker's concert and are sharing the experience with his inner circle of friends in a world where music and fashion…

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