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Sam Allison

I am a musician/composer, producer, sound designer, and audio engineer located in Austin, TX. I have been playing music for 15 years and have a decade of experience in the music and entertainment industry. My specialty is in sound for picture/video games, music production, and soundtrack/jingle…

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Lucy Sheils

Professional Sound Designer Film and Television Commercial Productions Game Audio Multi-Media Installations Music Editing and Scoring MFA in Sound Design from Savannah College of Art and Design MMA in Music from Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.

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Sunfire Studios

Sunfire Studios has been in the audio business for over a decade and has done everything from feature length films, commercials, special events, ENG, corporate training videos, reality TV and a Super Bowl 47 commercial that aired immediately prior to kick off. In addition to location recording…

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Yahaloma Ramos

Bio: Yahaloma comes from an enriched musical family of Multi Platinum and Grammy award winners. Her mother, The Queen of High Energy Evelyn Thomas, has sold over 19 million copies of her hit “High Energy”, which is one of the most remixed dance songs of this age. Her Uncle, operatic baritone…

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North Hollywood

Daniel Clifford

I specialize in post mixing live concerts for iTunes/Web/CD/Blu-ray/DVD/Vinyl. I excel in artist/label approved live mixes that are achieved within 12 hours after the show at record quality. I specialize in working with less than stellar recordings (live or studio) and repair multitracks to achieve…

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Los Angeles

Ramon Reyes

Ramon Reyes is a Los Angeles based film, visual media and pop music composer whose work has enhanced an array of films, dance pieces and commercials. Since 2012 he has been working with director Ryan James Yezak on “Second Class Citizens,” a documentary on LGBT discrimination here in the…

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David Mowry

I am 17, 18 this December 5th. I go to Laurens-Marathon High School in Laurens, Iowa 50554. I am looking to do some work with music because I and a few buddies of mine rap and have grown a good talent at it. I haven't had a great life, but I don't let it stop me from doing what I want to do. I…

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Ostrava/Moravska Ostrava
Czech Republic

stanislav vrabel

I make my own music for more than five years. And I'm actively djing for more than ten years. Dubstep/Electro/Breakbeat/ETC I call it around 140BPM and DNB. I started to learn scratching recently to be able to get myself to get to another level with using decks and mix. Recently I'm working…

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Thousand Oaks

Kevin Amodia

My name is Kevin Amodia, and I specialize in Video Production & Editing. I am a multitalented artist/human being who wants to be a part of amazing creations. I put together a reel of all the editing/filming jobs I have done over the last year in the link below. I just finished working on an…

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West Palm Beach

Anthony Espina

Film Composer Anthony Espina. Music Composer for Film, Television, Radio and Theater - Self-taught for most of his young years, Anthony decided to start mastering his craft with studying under Cuban-Born Pianist Emigdia Leon and acclaimed Pianist Jho Waxman. As he grew, he…

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Max Wilson

Mixwell Studios is owned and operated by Max Wilson a Recording engineer with 6+ years of experience in the Recording Industry. The studio is privately located in a gated property with great views. The interior is a mixture of french, english and rustic that is all clean and new. Our aim is to make…

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Peter Brown

I am an instrumentalist/composer. I compose instrumental music in several genres from rock to classical and most everything in between. My main focus is music composition for film and video production. Strong themes for adds and emotional soundscapes for documentaries and films. Colorful music beds…

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Los Angeles

Dom Capuano

I am a multi-awards composer and music producer. as a composer, I have worked on movies with worldwide distribution, film shorts, video games and on corporate videos for international brands such as Ferrari, Pininfarina, Alfa Romeo, L’Oreal. My work also includes working on the television themes…

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Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is a founding partner and head of production at Magnetic Music Group, a licensable catalog of music for film, television, commercials, education, video games, corporate and all content related applications. A veteran music producer, artist development specialist, digital evangelist…

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New York

Kai M Sorensen

As a 2013 alumnus of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts I received a diploma in Contemporary Writing and Production while taking courses that refined and expanded my writing, arranging and production skills. I have over 8 years of experience in production and direction, having first…

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San Diego

Vito Maserati

High energy 808-infused drum lines. Lush synths with infectious, jazzy melodies. Saxophone. Combine these elements and you get the unique sound of theDGTL, a collaboration between Montana’s Vito Maserati and Seattle’s own: The Reference. TheDGTL is an artist’s dream, giving them a platform to…

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Ryan "Remy" McClendon

I am a graduate student with a degree in Audio Engineering and Recording Arts from Madison Media Institute. I am a certified operator in Pro Tools HD 9. I have used many programs from the legendary Pro Tools to Logic Pro, from Cubase to Reason. I now use Studio One Pro for all of my productions. I…

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Jonathan Smith

Bio: Jonathan Lee Smith, guitarist, is an active musician in the central Florida area who has an emphasis in classical, jazz, and rock styles. Jonathan received highly commended for the Stetson University concerto competition in the fall of 2010. While classical guitar is his main focus and…

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New York

Chris Svoboda

I'm a media artist living in Buffalo, NY but I'm looking to relocate working with a production company. I have a BFA in Animation & Illustration, and I've worked on multiple website, music videos, experimental films, and video installations. I'm looking to utilize my skills as an editor and post…

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Mega Star Entertainment Inc.

MSE Inc. is a very unique full service music Production Company that manage,and promote our own artist. We provide artist developement for the inexperienced artist and sorround you with a group of professionals, business and creative, to work with you on every aspect of your music career.

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New York
New York

Alexander Jordan

Freelance film and game composer. Portfolio reels available on the soundcloud page listed in my profile. COMPOSING & ARRANGING EXPERIENCE Composer – On-going short-film collaboration 2013 Continued collaboration with Brooklyn filmmaker Champ Ensminger on short film projects including “The…

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Los Angeles

Jayvon Rymer

I am a Sound Designer and Music Producer & Composer. I studied Music Production, Engineering and Sound Design at Berklee College of Music. I have experience with working on Game Trailers, Animations and Short Films and can take directions well. I love doing sound design for animations, but am…

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North Carolina

Bob Kochuk

I am an advertising writer/creative director/strategic thinker. Not necessarily in that order. Write in all media. Plus I possess tons of broadcast experience, mostly TV and radio, but also video and web applications. Oh, and music production, too. Budgets run from gritty to grandiose. Have…

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Parker Davis

Parker Davis, the founder of Not Yet Creative Studios, is a self-taught composer, instrumentalist, and writer, whose career began at age 14 with the production of “Truth in Sand”, an acoustic singer-songwriter album that listed on iTunes in 2008. In high school, he created the Not Yet Music…

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Pembroke Pines

McArthur Gordon

Mack Gordon is a graduate of Full Sail University, and has produced music for acts such as Pretty Ricky, Urban Mystic, C.U.D.S, and a host of others. Producing the 2009 Billboard chart topping single Best Part Of The Day. Mack is currently part of a couple of music libraries, and seeking major…

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Hilton Head Island
South Carolina

The Sound - Recording & Music Production

The Sound (Hilton Head Island, SC) is a professionally equipped, full-service recording and music production studio that features... -A highly experienced and credited songwriter, producer, musician and engineer ( -Co-writing and collaboration -Cutting-edge digital and analog…

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New York
New York

Rainmaker Music

We do audio format transfers, music production, recording and mixing, FOH board operation, sound design, voiceovers, Sound FX, sweetening and original music. Clients include: Various Singer-Songwriters - Music Production SYDA Foundation - Format transfers Telemundo - Sound design for short…

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Rocky Mount
North Carolina

Sherita Manning

Sound Engineer/Music Producer What makes a music producer/sound engineer successful is their drive and creativity; well Sherita possess both of them. She works with mostly virtual instruments when coming up with new music but can also bring different chord progressions and ideas to different…

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