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Sunfire Studios

Sunfire Studios has been in the audio business for over a decade and has done everything from feature length films, commercials, special events, ENG, corporate training videos, reality TV and a Super Bowl 47 commercial that aired immediately prior to kick off. In addition to location recording…

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Sam Allison

I am a musician/composer, producer, sound designer, and audio engineer located in Austin, TX. I have been playing music for 17 years and have a decade of experience in the music and entertainment industry. My specialty is in sound for picture/video games, music production, and soundtrack/jingle…

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New York
New York

Dan Schteingart

Innovative and driven creative TV/Video and Music production professional with over 15 years of experience developing, directing, producing, and editing high profile projects and programming for world-recognized entities including HBO, PBS and BMW.

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Nils Warren

I am an experienced Audio Engineer with over 30 years in the industry. I provide Audio services for television, ENG/EFP, Film, Feature Film, Live Sound reinforcement, and music production. Extensive experience in Sports Audio Production. Experienced Pro-Tools operator, Owner and operator of a full…

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Bob Stubbs

Bob Stubbs - Artist Info & Former Bands as a Member of - Social Distortion (CA.) ,Glass Heroes (AZ.) , Hypnotic IV (CA.) ,Brazen Beat (AZ.) ,The Vacant (CA.) ,Cactus Liquors (CA.) ,True West (CA.) , The Vindicators (CA.) ,Skullduggery (CA.) & (NV.) ,Benny&the Goons (NV.) ,The Authorities(Nick S.…

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New York
New York

Martin Fuks

Multi-awarded producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. As a musician he performed on venues and festivals all around the world, sharing the stage with such a big artists as Ruben Blades, Asian Dub Foundation, Cypress Hill, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Enrique Bumbury and Goran Bregovich,…

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Los Angeles

Ramon Reyes Ramon Reyes is a composer for film and TV - as well as a pop music producer. "I’ve always my feet in more than one world of music, my eclectic musical background naturally drawing me to film scores, and my passion for emotional music serving as constant…

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Peter Brown

I am an instrumentalist/composer. I compose instrumental music in several genres from rock to classical and most everything in between. My main focus is music composition for film and video production. Strong themes for adds and emotional soundscapes for documentaries and films. Colorful music beds…

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Yahaloma Ramos

Bio: Yahaloma comes from an enriched musical family of Multi Platinum and Grammy award winners. Her mother, The Queen of High Energy Evelyn Thomas, has sold over 19 million copies of her hit “High Energy”, which is one of the most remixed dance songs of this age. Her Uncle, operatic baritone…

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Delray Beach

Alex De La Espriella

Music Producer / Mix Engineer / International DJ / Remix Artist! Born on May 28th, 1983 in Bogota, Colombia, Alejandro De La Espriella (Alexander D), better known within the music circles as DJ Quicktrackz, was raised in New York and South Florida. He holds a degree in Audio Engineering from…

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Josh Mackrell

Audio Engineer/Producer I am an innovative audio enthusiast. Musically sophisticated with technical knowledge in sound design, audio mixing, electronics, audio engineering and studio recording. A team leader, producer, entrepreneur, and creative mix master. A professional promoter, with…

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Max Wilson

Mixwell Studios is owned and operated by Max Wilson a Recording engineer with 6+ years of experience in the Recording Industry. The studio is privately located in a gated property with great views. The interior is a mixture of french, english and rustic that is all clean and new. Our aim is to make…

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Los Angeles

Dom Capuano

I am a multi-awards composer and music producer. as a composer, I have worked on movies with worldwide distribution, film shorts, video games and on corporate videos for international brands such as Ferrari, Pininfarina, Alfa Romeo, L’Oreal. My work also includes working on the television themes…

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Fort Worth

Michael Brand

I have worked as a Composer, Producer, Mixer, Editor, Engineer, Arranger, Programmer, Musical Director on hundreds of albums and projects across multiple genres for such clients as MTV Productions, Immortal Records and Epitaph Records Michael Baskette (Producer-Incubus, Limp Bizkit), Escape The…

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Claudia Mazo Cano

I grew up with music, being the daughter of a pianist and pianoteacher. Therefore I was always surrounded by music. The one thing I most wanted, was to become musician and composer. I began to studying piano at the age of five, followed by a diversity of other instruments like clarinet, saxophone,…

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Ostrava/Moravska Ostrava
Czech Republic

stanislav vrabel

I make my own music for more than five years. And I'm actively djing for more than ten years. Dubstep/Electro/Breakbeat/ETC I call it around 140BPM and DNB. I started to learn scratching recently to be able to get myself to get to another level with using decks and mix. Recently I'm working…

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Steve Chab

*Songwriting & Experimentation* Are you overlooking unseen potential for your music? Don't get stuck using the same patterns, instruments, topics, and genres over and over again. Let's explore ideas and make something unique. Together, we'll brainstorm new directions for your music. *Co-writing…

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Harold Johnson

Considered by many to be aggressive and having a hunger for more, Harold Johnson has been hitting the ground running and is reaching better endeavors as a producer and engineer on the music scene. The Chairman/CEO of UCOBY Productions has been producing music since 2003 and songwriting since his…

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Santa Ana

Shiver Feliciano

Makeup Artist- Television, Beauty, Airbrush, Print, High Definition. I have worked with Beauty brands Armani, Smashbox, Le Meiter, Yves Saint Laurent, and Nars as a Makeup artist and sales specialist. Looking for opportunity use my wide variety in makeup artistry for the position of makeup…

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Shannon Brunet

My name is Shannon Brunet. I'm a professional audio engineer, mixer, producer and songwriter. I've been a musician for 20+ years, over the last 5 years I've produced, mixed and engineered numerous studio projects. I've worked with and for Grammy Winners, Gold and Platinum Record Recipients and…

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Unforgettable Music & Productions, Inc.

Motivated by deep love for music, rhythm and culture, Unforgettable Music and Productions, Inc. was created for all to enjoy without regards to race, age, creed or economic status and designated to bring together diverse cultural communities through music, dance and the arts. Unforgettable Music…

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Bryson Cornelius

Currently into my last calendar year at the Art Institute of Atlanta where I am majoring in Audio Production and sound engineering & design. When I'm not working directly with Audio I am a videographer. I've done everything from short films to commercials to weddings and Bat Mitzvah's. I am…

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Fort Lauderdale

A.T. Music Productions Inc.

My name is A.T. I'm a pro. Keyboard player, Music Producer, record ingeneering and C.E.O of A.T. Music Productions Inc. From Hip-HOp,Pop, R&B, Reggea, Reggeaton, Country, Gospel, soka, Kompa, zook and more, We are known to be one of the most versatile music production team not only in the Fort…

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marche foy

Years of professional experience, she concentrates on the project at hand and continues to give her clients the highest quality that meets thier demands. Her works have range for The Platnium of Birmingham to UPS Inc. Throughout my career I have won the recognition of performance excellence…

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Alexander Jenkins

Composer with six hundred songs gets signed on with Ambient Music Garden, UK Contact Information Alexander Jenkins Okeechobee Florida, 34974 Music composer & musician from Florida, USA signs his production music at Ambient Music…

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Devin Porter

I love music, live music, breathe music and I listen to it too. My name is Devin a.k.a. D.3.V. a.k.a. Destined to Exist as a Vessel. At 17, I realized my ambition in life was to become a successful music producer in the new era of music, knowing it is a crazy jungle to navigate through with a path…

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San Francisco

Daniel Armstrong

Daniel Armstrong aka Daniel Boone is a San Francisco-based audio engineer and hip-hop artist. As an audio engineer and artist for the past seven years he has extensive DAW experience with Pro Tools, Logic, GarageBand and many audio plug-ins. He started rapping and recording his own music when he…

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Ethan Mintz

I am 24 years old and have been successfully running Marsten House Recording studio with a business partner for 5 years. I am also a musician specializing in guitar and bass. I have an associates degree in audio production.

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New York
New York

MKR Music

Kyle Rowland (B. Ann Arbor, MI 1984) is an active performer, composer, and educator who works across a diverse spectrum of musical settings. As a drummer and percussionist Kyle has performed with Vic Juris, Wessell Warmdaddy Anderson, Tony Monaco, Kate Baker, Radam Schwartz, & James Weidman. He…

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