MediaMine, LLC.

Los Angeles, California


About Us

MediaMine helps clients organize, digitize, transcribe, and, most importantly, monetize their media libraries. We are presently working with The Johnny Carson Foundation and Carson Entertainment Group, Jemmin, Inc. (Bill and Camille Cosby), Lily Tomlin's Tomlin-Wagner Productions, and George Schlatter Productions (Laugh In, Real People, and American Comedy Awards). I settled on MediaMine, LLC as a name for a number of reasons. MediaMine can be a possessive (those media assets are “mine”); it can be a place where valuables are found (Gold and Silver Mines, or valuable media assets); AND it can also be a verb (as in, “mining the data”). MediaMine's services are about more than a repository. It is about meta-tagging, it is about “mining” the data, it is ALL about making it accessible, creating value, and making money.

Our company is actively pursuing perspective clients who own or control content. Our clients include entertainment companies and/or individuals, sports teams or players, Universities, Museums, and companies who generate a lot of media content (retail products of all kinds, pharmaceutical, automobiles, consumer products , etc.). Our presentation is very compelling and there is a fantastic opportunity to partner with these entertainment and business entities to monetize their media assets.

One of MediaMine's guiding principals and missions is to archive and restore legacy collections. These libraries are degrading everyday they remain on analogue formats (film, video). MediaMine is focused on rescuing this vintage content and preserving it for future generations. Many of the collections MediaMine is involved with have educational value and can be used for research and reference at Universities and other institutions of learning. By digitizing, restoring, and surfacing these educational collections, MediaMine is providing vital information for historical research.

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