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Brook Aitken – DP
Boulder, CO
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Helping Professionals Find Quality Work Since 1999.

Our global network connects local crew and vendors with businesses that need production services. Finding work in this industry is all about who you know. And we'll help you meet them.

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$118 MillionMade from project leads
3.6 MillionCategory searches per year
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3 Ways to Find Work with ProductionHUB

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Thousands of companies are looking for professionals like you. Showcase your work to start getting contacted by the clients of your dreams. All you have to do is create a profile.

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Create a profile to respond and bid on freelance projects and production leads. Communicate with the prospective clients directly to find your next project.

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Mondays don't have to be a drag. Advance your career in film and video production. Search and apply for full-time and part-time jobs from companies all around the country.

Looking for crew and vendors to hire? We've got you covered.
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Find Production Work on Your Terms.

Job searching and finding projects doesn't have to be a job itself. Our management platform gives you the right tools to land jobs and projects that you're passionate about. And pay the bills.

Finding Full-Time & Part-Time Jobs

Job Notifications by Email & Text

We'll deliver jobs you may be interested in right to you. Every morning, we'll send you the newest job postings in your location and specific skill-set.

Save Cover Letters & Resumes

Writing cover letters is time-consuming. Save your most recent cover letter and easily tailor it to each application. Save time and score more interviews.

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Finding Full-Time & Part-Time Jobs

Finding Crew Gigs & Freelancer Projects

Hand-Picked Leads

We'll match project leads to you that meet your skills and preferred locations. We do the hard work for you so you can focus on lading the project of your dreams.

Showcase Work & Clients

You can let your portfolio speak for yourself. Even better, let your past clients tell the world how much they loved working with you on your profile with Reviews.

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Finding Full-Time & Part-Time Employees
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You're in Good Company.

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