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Hip Hop Dance Instructor

Burcin Gursel is the head instructor and mastermind behind the creation of B Real Studio. She has been dancing for over ten years. Her passion for dance and Hip Hop was ingrained in her at a young age. It was taking a dance elective in her senior year of high school that made Burcin realize that she wanted to be a dancer for the rest of her life! At the age of eighteen, Burcin refined her dancing talent by getting technical training in ballet, jazz, and hip hop. She took interest to the next level in 2005, by driving 45 minutes away, four days a week to take intense hip hop classes. That determination and hunger to learn more about hip hop is what makes Burcin a dancer today. Through the hip hop classes, many hours of practice, and studying hip hop videos and techniques. Burcin has gleaned from a wide range of dance elements of hip hop. She even utilizes her time to watch and study youtube videos of choreographers like Nick Demora, Kione Madrid, and Brian Puspos. In fact, Burcin will admit that Michael Jackson has been the greatest influence on her dancing career; because of his ability to evolve throughout the decades not only with his musical style, but also through his choreography. While Burcin was taking hip hop classes, she also auditioned for So you think you can dance, as well as a back up dancer for up coming artist and this launched her career. Also, while doing these things, Burcin started teaching dance classes and choreographing dance recitals and other performances. Her work blew up to teaching 23 classes a week! Little did she realize that the Lord was preparing her to create her own studio…B Real Studio in the making! In late 2010 God spoke this vision through a friend and she has taken this vision with her passion, drive, and talent and launched B Real Studio.

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