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About Us

KoniTV is the first online InternetTV station for the Hospitality & Resorts Industry.

At KoniTV – We’re in the people helping people business.
We’re in the video contents producing & developing business.
We’re in the video contents distribution business.
We helping people achieving the American Dream

At KoniTV - we made our commitment from the beginning that,
We put God First, Family Second, & then Our Business.
We like to keep things in that perspective.
We like to make time for all three of those areas of our lives.
We believe that we do those things in that order,
then our live is in order, then we valid.

Our Services

What Do-U-Do?
Elevator Pitch Video

If you have to tell people 5 times a day, what is it that you do, how would you do that?
The best tool to deliver and distribute your message is using video.
YouTube Video is the norm and standard in today business practice.
If you’re not in Youtube, you’re not really in business.

* 1-3 minute Video Promo

Online Broadcast TV Station (24x7)

The trend today is about watching Videos, Movies, BroadcastTV on the Internet.
Imagine if… instead of owning a website… your website become your own InternetTV online TV Station. If you own your online InternetTV station… you Broadcast 24x7.

Video on demands contents developments
Weekly Half-an-Hour TV Series (13 episodes)

Whether you need a What Do-U-Do video campaign, to a success story testimonial video, or your weekly half-an-hour for BroadcastTV featuring your guest experts, InternetTV is today Trend for delivering and distributing your videos on demand contents.

Success Stories
Story Sell!

What’s Your Story?
Connection Matter More Than Anything!
People do business with people who they like, and trust.
It’s about your passion, your heart-felt, and at the end of the day,
your client want to know that you have their best interest at heart first!

Join KoniTV
“Membership Has Its Privileges”

Our mission at KoniTV is to: Unite, Co-Create, Help each other Cross-Market, & together We Serve!

It’s a platform, community, where all people comes together with one voice to Inspire, Inform, & Entertain.

Giving Back

At KoniTV, our ideology is about giving back.

We have been in the industry since 2012.

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