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Gold miners who sing, Refugees recently relocated to small town USA, Folks in Rural India with no access to technology, A half French/half Swedish rock-climber who now lives in Portland (who also has a Shiba-Inu dog)... We have found them all!

Our signature documentary-style casting is globally recognized earning us our reputation as a key innovator and leader in our field. We are people detectives. Trained journalistic researchers who for every job, dive into the field and conduct deep dive research (think a big ol’ treasure hunt) to find our needle in a haystack talent that spans the range of humanity. All while being honest, passionate, and refreshing on-camera.

We are known as the go-to casting company to find the trickiest demographics there are!

We also thrive casting traditional talent - actors + models - for our projects that aren’t in need of Real People.

Within our process of delivering our award-winning casting, our clients receive our above and beyond work ethic which results in surpassed expectations, an organized workflow from start to finish, fined-tuned talent interviews conducted by expert documentary field producers, and a deep understanding of the challenges within production.

We love collaboration and personalize our process and redesign our entire methodology to better suit the goals, budgets and specificity of each project.

Our services include: initial story or campaign development, conceptualization and strategy, expert research, street casting, fully produced talent interview sessions conducted by award winning field producers, talent coordinating, field producing, on-set interviewing, coordination and talent direction.

DSCasting works with award-winning directors, (Oscar, Emmy, Clio, etc.) agencies, production companies, networks and major international brands.

We are based in LA, Oakland and work globally.

We have been in the industry since 2008.

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